Shyft is a global public network.

For the first phase of Shyft Network’s development, we’re targeting partners in industries where the data is the most valuable, because this is where users are the most vulnerable. During the first phase of Shyft Network, we’re partnering with:

  • Organizations that are regulatorily required to share data
  • Organizations that already collect and share sensitive data at massive scale
  • 3rd party services that utilize this data to create applications and data-driven use cases

We aim to make it easy for organizations to interact with their users in the context of private data for the first time, increasing global accountability and trust between users and organizations.

Phase 1 Use Cases

FAFT Travel Rule Guidance Solution

The recent Financial Action Task Force guidance requires sharing of sender and receiver data by transacting Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), such as cryptocurrency exchanges. VASPS are the central point of user-onboarding in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, however there is no platform today that enables VASPs to comply with this guidance.

Shyft Network has partnered with several of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to implement an industry-wide solution using Shyft’s database bridging and data attestation infrastructure.

We’re actively onboarding partners that may be subject to this guidance, including:

  • Exchanges
  • Custodial wallets
  • OTC desks.
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Government Digital Identity Systems

For a decade, jurisdictions have been looking for secure and efficient software for managing and sharing citizen data within a consent-based framework.

Shyft Network has partnered with 3 governmental bodies to build a user-facing interface through which citizens can complete KYC process with legacy institutions, track as custody as their data moves between these institutions, and consent to borderless data-sharing with new custodians, bringing transparency, security, interoperability and efficiencies to highly-regulated, legacy services. This solution will be fully transparent and auditable by regulators (subject to relevant privacy laws).

Participating institutions added to the network by these government partners include:

  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Telecoms
  • Government service providers.
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Become a Trust Anchor

For organizations that already hold compliant data, the Shyft ecosystem allows you to monetize that data and offset some of the extreme costs of data collection, storage and compliance.

The sharing of data can be based on your organization's needs - Shyft can provide the bridges that allow you to better share data, both internally and externally.

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Become a Shyft Network User

At mainnet launch, Shyft Network will launch the Shyft Portal which allows individuals to make an account and create a Shyft ID for use in the Shyft Network ecosystem. All network partners, such as cryptocurrency exchanges that process and custody KYC data, will interact via this Shyft ID.

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Shyft Partners

Virtual Asset Service Provider Partnerships

VASPs regulated under the FATF Travel Rule guidance, including cryptocurrency exchanges, OTC desks, custodial wallets, etc.

More coming soon.

Government Partnerships

Shyft partners with governments to build digital identity solutions, and works closely with technology partners to build relevant components on Shyft’s public network infrastructure.

More coming soon.

Technology Partnerships

Shyft provides a public infrastructure oriented around data attestation and validation.

More coming soon.

Analytics Partnerships

Partners that provide data and network analytics services.

More coming soon.

Network and Ecosystem Partnerships

Ecosystem expansion and market creation partners, and core network infrastructure partners.

More coming soon.

Data Service Provider Partnerships

Suppliers of data to the Shyft Network. For example, KYC providers and identity verification companies play a crucial role in providing additional identity-related data sources to contextualize Shyft identities and enhance the reliability of the network.

More coming soon.

Partner Spotlight

Shyft Network has partnered with the Government of Bermuda and Perseid Network to build and deploy a national blockchain-based identification system. Perseid will build the higher level identity management infrastructure to be deployed across Shyft Network's base-layer infrastructure. All identities and records will be encrypted across Shyft Network’s public key infrastructure, and the core blockchain will facilitate coordination across participants such as enterprises, institutions, government services, and citizens.

We're incredibly excited to have partnered with such an innovative jurisdiction to build out the first blockchain-based national identity system on top of the Shyft Network, and see the development of the digital identity space as a massive opportunity for global financial empowerment.

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